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Junior Highers On a Kindness Mission

Stoneybrooke Junior High’s administrative assistant, Mrs. Hershock, recently took her discipleship group out on a local mission to spread kindness and love to strangers. Their adventure included filling laundromat coin slots with quarters, handing out candy bars, roses, notes, and balloons to people on the street, and taping microwaveable popcorn bags to Red Box machines. […]

SB Fourth Graders Fund Ugandan Well

Each class at Stoneybrooke takes on a mission project each year, and this year, Mr. Pike’s fourth grade class at the San Juan campus has been working with a nonprofit organization called Wells of Life, which builds water wells in Uganda. Wells of Life founder and CEO, Nick Jordan, just happens to be a Stoneybrooke […]

Stoneybrooke Students Raise Funds for Local Charity

Stoneybrooke students, Kalani and Everett Robledo (along with their parents), have been hard at work on a special charity project to raise money for Project Hope Alliance. During November and December, Kalani (a 5th grader at the LR campus) and Everett (a 2nd grader at the LR campus), set up a table outside a friend’s […]

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